How to save 80% of the time taken by scheduling interviews with candidates?

Scheduling for a mutually suitable interview time with a candidate can easily turn into an exhausting process. You call them without getting in touch. A while later, you get a dial back, but it’s hard to refocus who is calling on what. And then you have to find that one time slot that fits you both. The game of ping pong you play via phone and email will waste the time and energy of both you and the candidate. 

RecuitLab has developed a tool to prevent these situations from even occurring: Interview Scheduler. It makes finding a suitable interview time simple and elegant. According to our users’ feedback, the Interview Scheduler tool can save up to 80% of time spent on scheduling interviews.


Below, we have put together an illustrated guideline for scheduling interviews using our Interview Scheduler at RecruitLab. We have also included an example for creating a call up for group interviews. 

How to set up interviews using the Interview Scheduler?

Let’s say we need to schedule 5 interviews. Follow these six little guidelines and let the magic happen: 

  1. Select the candidates you wish to further invite to an interview
  2. Click “Schedule interviews”

3. As an extra feature, you can now send out the interview invite as a classical appointment or make the invite for a video call. If you wish to proceed with an invitation to an online video interview, activate the “Video call” function, and the candidate will receive an automatically generated personal link for the video call. 

4. Now comes the hardest part. Write a catchy and friendly invite. To add a link with a selection of possible interview times (we’ll get there soon), the info message must contain the tag invite_url. Luckily for you, this means making one simple click: the info message window has a selection or URL tags to add into the invite. Add invite_url into the desired place and spice up the letter with other possible merge tags to your liking.

5. The “Recruiters” field lets you decide who should be involved in the interviewing process on your side. They will get a calendar invite along with the candidates after a scheduled time has been confirmed. 

6. Now comes the step for creating the selection of possible interview times for candidates. First, select the preferred Interview Length (minutes) you wish to book for one candidate. Then, click and add the time slots from the calendar view. 

In our example, we wished to schedule interviews for 5 candidates. We would then recommend selecting at least 7 possible time frames because even the last candidate to reach the selection will have three possible open times to choose from. 

You can see the accepted interview invites and open slots under the Calendar subpage. 

How to create group interviews using the Interview Scheduler?

The calendar view has one more function when planning the open time slots – the number of Participants. And this function enables an easy call for group interviews. Let’s say you have 14 candidates with whom you plan to execute 2 group interviews, each with 7 participants. 

  1. Create an interview invite as mentioned in previous steps until the Calendar view. 
  2. Select two suitable group interview time slots.
  3. Set the maximum number of Participants per interview (seven in our case) by clicking “+”.


You will now be all set to send out an interview invite to the 14 candidates at once with a single click.

Again, the accepted interview invites will be visible under the Calendar subpage on your RecruitLab account. 

How will it look to the candidates?

When writing the info message body to create the interview invite, the letter will seem clustered by tags. Below, you will see an example containing the tags recipient_first_name and invite_url. Hard to read, right? 

No need to hesitate. The computer wizards will make it look nice and personalized for the candidate, seeing their first name and a good-looking reference to direct them to the possible time slots. 

  1. First received email with the interview invite:

2. When clicking the link (invite_url for you), the candidate will choose a suitable open time slot:

3. After the candidates decide and confirm it, they will automatically receive a calendar invite with the confirmation for the selected time. If you enabled the video call function, the confirmation would automatically include the link to the meeting. 


Kristi Leppik
Rademar HR Manager

Kristi Leppik finds the tool as a huge advantage: “We all have a busy work life, but with the Interview Scheduler, I'm now able to offer even 10 open times at once, leaving my candidates a selection to choose from. I consider this a huge victory, and I can see it positively affects the candidates.”

To master the efficient recruitment skill set with RecruitLab, book a demo. Among giving you the ability to use the RecruitLab functionalities, we give insights and share the best practices to inspire you to take the recruitment process to a new level. 

Marie Evart

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Marie Evart

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