RecruitLab in 2021 – a rare insight into the everyday of a startup

We must admit that 2021 was truly a great year! We appreciate the journey and have put down the most memorable moments to inspire us throughout the promising 2022. 

On behalf of the RecruitLab team we wish you a happy new year and continuing luck in the recruitment field!


The three biggest achievments of 2021

In 2021 we got a real kick-off as our team grew by two new members – Triin and Endrik. 

In April we raised our first investment. We are so happy to have the Superangel, Urmas Purde and Timo Rein from Pipedrive, and Peep Vain, the first investor for Pipedrive, backing us up. 

But by far our biggest pat on the back goes for growing 5 times bigger and having over 750 users by the end of 2021! Inhouse recruiters and hiring managers from different fields and agency recruiters have all found their way to RecruitLab. By now we have users from Estonia, the United Kingdom, Latvia, and Lithuania. 

New features added in 2021 we are proud to present

In this list we have gathered the 15 most important features we launched last year to help you save time in a remarkable amount and help you success!

Had we any more fun last year?

We completed 333 JIRA tickets! Out of which 58 were totally new features added to RecruitLab. 

No matter if our CTO Karl-Sander happened to be in the Maldives, hopping on and off of Malta, sunbathing in Pärnu, or for some reason hiking in the winter with -13 degrees outside, he kept everything neatly under control.

Though the memorable “international critical patch Thursday” got us worried for a second, the graphics never lie: be what may, we tackle everything with a smile. 

For those who haven’t taken the time to learn Estonian, vererõhk = blood pressure, pulss = pulse, tuju = mood, neljapäev = Thursday 😉 

We held 6 webinars. Click and see the recording (mostly in Estonian though).

We participated on the Base Camp Hackathon by Superangel. Came back with new ideas loaded with energy.

Got so inspired we held a hackaton for ourselves. Took our team to Tartu for a 3-day workshop.

Celebrated new clients!

We are most happy that over 750 recruiters and managers have taken up RecruitLab. We give thanks to everyone who has thought along with us on improving the interface and building up new features. 

It’s our users invaluable feedback and ideas that make the software this amazing. 

And we truly celebrate each new client! 

Throughout the year we got much warm and positive feedback from our growing community!

We are very thankful for recruiters and hiring managers who have contributed to our blog. 

Here’s the most popular case study from Veriff on how they use asynchronous video interviews and manage the recruitment processes with over 300 candidates. 

And here’s the most popular ebook “How to choose questions for job intervierws” we put together to help you have more meaningful conversations with your candidates.  You’ll find recommendations from recruitment experts from Veriff, Nortal, EY, Accolade, Modularbank, Viveo Health, Scoro, Pipedrive, Testlio, Brandem and Nico.

There’s no doubt 2022 will bring on new exciting trends and ideas to try out on the hunt for the best candidates. 

We wish you a joyous new year and speak to you soon!

Marie Evart


Marie Evart

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