Live video interviews in RecruitLab

There are 2 options for live video interviews in RecruitLab:

  1. Instant Video Call 

  2. Scheduled Video Interview 

Instant Video Call

To start your live video call:

  1. Select the candidate you would like to talk to. 

  2. Click “Schedule interviews” 

  3. Click “Instant video call,” and both you and your candidate will receive an email with the link you can use immediately to start your call.

Candidates need not install anything but only click on the link they received. They can participate in the call regardless of the device or browser they are using, making it convenient and stress-free for them. 

Scheduled Video Interview

For scheduling forthcoming interviews, our Interview Scheduler is irreplaceable. On average, our customers save up to 80% on their time on schedule. With this tool, you don’t have to send back and forth emails to schedule interviews, share access links and book the right time slots in the hiring manager’s calendar. 

How it works:

  1. Select suitable interview time slots for you and the hiring manager and send them to your candidate. You can address the email to multiple candidates simultaneously. 

  2. Candidates will receive an email with the request to choose a suitable interview time.

     3. After confirming the suitable time, you, the hiring manager, your candidate will automatically receive a confirmation email, and an event with the video interview access link will be added to your calendars. 

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