How to use video messages in RecruitLab

In RecruitLab, you can easily record a video message and use it, for example, in your confirmation email after you have received an application, send an apology for the delay of the process, or why not give feedback to those who didn’t receive the job offer. There are numerous use cases, and you can be creative. 

To record and send a video message in RecruitLab, you need to take these three simple steps:

  1. Pick the candidates you want to send your video message. Tick the box on the candidate card or send your video message to all the candidates in the specific recruitment project stage, then just click on the name of the stage, and all the candidates will be selected. 

  2. Click on the message tab and choose “Send video message”.

     3. Record your video message and with just one click, send it to the candidates you have selected. Candidates will receive your video message via email. 

A tip for you to save time: Make it personal yet scalable. Avoid naming dates, weekdays, and names in your video message to automate the communication flow. 

How to make your life easier with automation

  1. You can pre-record the video message and save it as a template. Pre-recording gives you the chance to test the message with your colleagues, for example. 

  2. Automate sending the video messages to your candidates. 

  3. For example, send a pre-recorded video message automatically to all the candidates after you have received their CV. You can choose between different options, whether to send the video messages at a specific time in the future or after a specific time in the stage.

Boost your recruitment
with video messages

Marie Evart

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Marie Evart

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