How to make the most out of the free trial period?

During your free trial period you can use all the features of RecruitLab’s Enterprise offering. We recommend to especially test these following 6 features. They have been developed in order to save you time on routine actions and speed up your recruitment and hiring process without making any trade-offs in candidate experience.

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    1. Add new candidates from your inbox in seconds

    Adding new candidates to your project has never been so easy. Just open your inbox and drag a candidate’s email to your pipeline view and he/she will be automatically added to your recruitment project.

    2. Interview scheduler

    This feature helps you schedule interviews without any back-and-forth emails. Share available time slots with the candidate you would like to meet, they receive an email, click on the time slot that is most suitable for them, and you both will receive an email with the calendar event. 

    3. Semi - automated emails

    Lack of follow up and response is the most common cause of negative candidate experience. 70% of the candidates claim that they haven’t received any feedback after submitting their resume. Be different from competitive employers and save your time with automated personal messages to keep your candidates informed and engaged.

    4. Email tracking

    Keep updated as to whether your candidates have received your emails, opened them and clicked on the information you sent them or not. This feature helps you to build up a communication flow according to your candidate’s activity. 

    5. Candidate management in a project

    RecruitLab offers an opportunity to manage your candidates in two different project views: pipeline view and table view. In pipeline view you can easily drag and drop candidates between different stages of the project. For mass recruitment we recommend the table view. You can switch from one view to another in just two clicks. 

    6. Email notifications

    Don’t miss any updates and keep yourself on track. Use this feature to receive all the important information about your projects conveniently to your inbox. For example, information about new candidates, comments and questions about candidates from your colleagues etc. 

    Don’t hesitate to ask your personal account manager for tutorials and instructions or challenge us to automate another step in your hiring process. With the help of your account manager, you can integrate RecruitLab with other software and tools or job portals you are already using. Let’s make the hiring process smoother together!

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