How to choose questions for job interviews?

Ebook that will help you to have more meaningful conversations

Recommendations from 12 international recruitment experts from companies like

Helped by recruitment experts from Veriff, Nortal, EY, Accolade, Modularbank, Viveo Health, Scoro, Pipedrive, Testlio, Brandem, and Nico, we have put together an ebook to help you have more meaningful conversations with your candidates. 

Instead of asking typical questions like “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, take time and think – what do you want to achieve with the job interview? 

This ebook will help you to

Thank you for your contribution: Jiri Herodek, Piret  Luts, Ave Arumäe, Kristiine Kukk, Irma Mäss, Minna-Maria Lõbus, Liis Paemuurru, Stina Pentjärv, Olivia Anni, Indrek Lepner, Sirli Spelman and the recruitment team of Modularbank.

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