Discover how to master asynchronous video interviews with ease

Asynchronous video interviews have won the hearts of top recruiters. A remarkable 69% of RecruitLab users have successfully integrated the tool into their recruitment process. 

RecruitLab’s asynchronous video interview tool has been recently upgraded. The new functions simplify the collaboration between recruiters and managers, making it easy to jointly react and assess the running candidates. 

Here at RecruitLab we put the new functions into best practice. The asynchronous video interview tool helped us to effectively fill in the role for Customer Success Manager. With the new functions we were able to get a thorough insight about the candidates, making the best possible preselection of people with whom to move forward with. We will introduce our new teammate Triin Elias soon!

1. Easy access to the questions and answers.

The Candidate profile view will easily give you access to the questions and answers given under the tab “Interviews”. You can quickly find the desired topic from the right side menu.

For the Customer Success Manager position we kindly asked to record answers for 4 questions. 

  1. Why did you apply for the Customer Success Manager role at RecruitLab?
  2. What do you value more in a software – a great product or excellent customer support?
  3. What has been the best experience as a customer you have had? What made it great?
  4. Please give some examples of bad user experience.

2. Watch video replies with or without questions, continuously or one at a time

The recorded video replies can now be played back according to your preferences. 

To continuously watch all answers as a whole video, switch on the “Autoplay” option. 

If the questions were also prerecorded in video, switch on “Play question videos” and the recordings of questions and given replies will appear in chronological order.

3. Choose the playback speed

Sometimes it’s perfect to speed up the playback a bit. RecruitLab software enables you to choose the playback rate from the bottom menu of the video window. 

4. Share your feedback instantly

Our comment section allows you to share your thoughts and reactions while watching the videos. Just click “Add comment” below the video and never miss a thought. You can leave the comments hidden from limited users. 


All thoughts shared under the video replies will also be visible under the candidate’s profile section “Comments”.

5. Add visual reactions

In addition to leaving comments about the candidate, you can add a visual reaction. Again, it can be hidden from limited users and accessed through the candidate’s profile “comments” section. 

The visual reaction is displayed in the project view on the candidate card as well.

6. Notify your colleagues and invite to participate

The functionality to tag your colleagues will create an effective way to communicate – share your reactions, feedback or questions instantly. 

Type @ on the comment field and a list of co-workers will appear as a drop-down menu to be tagged. The tagged colleague will receive an email notification with the link to the tagged comment or question. 

RecruitLab’s asynchronous video tool offers the best candidate experience. We’ve emphasized on the convenient and simple user experience for the applicants. The video replies can be recorded using a computer or a phone without the need to install or set up anything. 

The possibilities to better focus and pace up the preliminary selection has made the asynchronous video tool one of the most used practices among RecruitLab’s customers to find interns, specialists and managers. 

If asynchronous video interviews seem something strange, then read here why we are convinced it should be included into your recruitment process. 

If we have caught your attention, read here how to set up your first asynchronous video interview with RecruitLab. 

Marie Evart

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Marie Evart

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