Applicant tracking system

Comfortable applicant management throughout
the whole recruitment process

Trusted by employers and recruitment agencies

Trusted by employers and recruitment agencies

Unique recruitment marketing and applicant tracking tool with
a drag & drop feature

 Save on average 50% of your time on recruitment with attractive recruitment landing pages, interview scheduler, video interviewing, automated tasks and customisable recruitment funnels.

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RecruitLab helps you save 50% of your time on recruitment

Modern job ads and recruitment landing pages

75% of the population are so-called passive candidates not actively seeking a new job. To gain their attention, you need to stand out. With RecruitLab, you can create attractive job adverts and mobile-friendly recruitment landing pages without the help of a designer or web developer. 

Customisable visual recruitment pipelines

Create recruitment pipelines that match your recruitment processes. You’ll see all your applicants in a pipeline view, divided between stages that you have set up. It’s easy to drag and drop applicants between different project stages. You will have a complete overview and comprehensive statistics on recruitment projects.

Video solutions

RecruitLab offers you different video solutions. You can send video messages to greet your applicants, speed up the preselection process with asynchronous (on-demand, one-way) video interviews, or conduct live video interviews to recruit the best talent regardless of their location. 

More features:

Interview Scheduler

This feature helps you to schedule interviews with no back-and-forth emails. You will save, on average, 80% of your time on interview scheduling and improve candidate experience.

Automated triggers and actions

Automated actions give you the ability to assign triggers to recruitment project stages. With this, you can automate repetitive tasks and save time while offering a better candidate experience.


Integrations with job search websites, career pages, HR software, email, calendar and other systems. Once you have inserted your login details, you will not be required to do so again.

RecruitLab recruitment software operates in full compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).​

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