Applicant tracking system

Comfortable candidate management throughout the whole project life cycle

Unique candidate tracking tool with a drag&drop feature

Recruitment project stages are automatically adapted according to your organisation’s needs. You can choose and rearrange them or set as default.

Check out the video to see how applicant tracking works in RecruitLab.

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RecruitLab applicant tracking system saves approximately 30% of your time from each recruitment project

Complete overview and thorough statistics on all of your recruitment projects.

Find all the metrics on one page. You can get exactly the type of statistics your organisation needs.

Integrations with all systems and applications

Integrations with job search websites, career pages, HR software, email, calendar and other systems. Once you have inserted your login details you will not be required to do it again.

Candidate database

RecruitLab’s candidate database is created automatically and it shows you the search results super fast.  It can find keywords from within all applicant documents including CVs and cover letters via free text search. You can also add your own tags to each candidate. No applicant will be lost anymore, ever!

More features:

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All information in one place

All the candidate information and activities are accessible within three clicks the most.


email automation

Automatic feedback, mass and personalised emails are available to send for both applicants and recruitment campaign purposes. Also all sorts of notifications on new candidates, recruiter comments and other activities.


applicant evaluation, commenting and presenting

RecruitLab recruitment software operates in full compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).​

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